How To Grow American Lotus From Seeds

How To Grow American Lotus From Seeds

The quick and convenient, step-by-step guide to growing your American lotus seeds!


This cold water lotus seed is classified as an emergent aquatic plant. The American lotus is a native plant that roots itself in the mud, and grows leaves and flowers that float above the surface of the water. The roots and the leaves of the American lotus once provided a valued food source for Native American tribes.



American Lotus, Lotus Flower, Yellow Lotus, White Lotus, Water-Chinquapin, Nelumbo lutea


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How To Grow American Lotus flowers From Seeds


# 1 | Before planting, the American lotus seeds need to be scarified. With a metal file or sand paper, gently remove the seed coat from the seed until the pale yellow of the seed's center is slightly exposed.


# 2 | Soak your American lotus seeds in water until they sprout, changing the water every day to prevent disease. Sprouting usually takes 18-21 days.


# 3 | Plant your American lotus sprouts in small peat pots covered in water to a depth of 1-inch.


# 4 | Increase the water's depth as the plants grow. Transplant outdoors carefully, because the American Lotus does not like to have its roots disturbed.


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