How To Grow Mexican Hat Wildflowers From Seeds

How To Grow Mexican Hat Wildflowers From Seeds

The quick and convenient, step-by-step guide to growing your Mexican hat wildflower seeds!


The Mexican hat is a popular, bright, and cheerful wildflower that sports bright red and yellow petals beneath a showy tall center cone. The Mexican hat perennial is native to the western Great Plains, and thrives in hot, arid conditions.



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How To Grow Mexican Hat Flowers From Seeds


# 1 | Direct sow your Mexican hat wildflowers in late fall. Gently press each Mexican hat wildflower seeds into the surface of moist soil. Ensure that you don't press too hard, Mexican hat wildflowers seeds need light to germinate. For spring planting, mix the seeds with moist sand and store in the refrigerator for 30 days before planting.


# 2 | Keep the soil lightly moist until your Mexican hat wildflowers germinate, which usually takes 20-30 days.


# 3 | Water your Mexican hat wildflowers seedlings regularly until they become established. When grown from seed, Mexican hat wildflowers usually begin blooming in their second year.


# 3 | Mature Mexican hat wildflowers tolerate drought well and can flourish in fairly dry soil. They will offer more blooms if occasionally watered in dry weather.


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