How to Grow Artichoke From Seeds

How to Grow Artichoke From Seeds

Artichokes take some work and a lot of patience to grow from seeds, but it is well worth the effort! Artichokes require good soil, regular watering and feeding, plus frost protection in the winter. Artichokes are tap-rooted plants, which means their roots grow deep, even as seedlings.


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How to Grow Artichoke Seeds


# 1 | Start Artichokes indoors in pots, best in a deep container. Sow two seeds about a quarter inch deep in each pot. Pots should be filled with nutrient rich roil.


#2 | Keep moist in a warm place until germination (10-21 days)


#3 | Transplant the seedlings into the garden two weeks after the last average frost date for your area. Artichokes do well with a cool period (around 250 hours) where the temperature is about 50 degrees F but they will not survive a hard frost. Plant the seedlings four feet or more apart from each other, as they grow large.


#4 | Keep the artichoke bed free of weeds and add a multi-inch layer of mulch around the plants to reduce weed growth.


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