How to Grow Blessed Thistle From Seeds

How to Grow Blessed Thistle From Seeds

Blessed Thistle seeds are grown as a medical herb, used for centuries as a cure-all herb. The blessed thistle plant is an attractive annual that is freely branching with toothed leaves that have spines. They are best grown in a garden that receives full sun and has good drainage.


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How to Grow Blessed Thistle Seeds


# 1 | Prepare planting area in a spot where the blessed thistle will receive full sun, and will have soil that has good drainage.


#2 | Sow the seeds outside after all danger of frost has passed. Allow at least two feet between each seed, as the plants can grow big. Plant each seed about half an inch deep.


#3| Keep moist in a warm place until germination (14-21 days). Once the plants are established, they will be fairly drought resistant, but until then, keep them well watered.


#4| Keep the artichoke bed free of weeds and add a multi-inch layer of mulch around the plants to reduce weed growth.


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