How to Grow Black Eyed Susan Flowers From Seeds

How to Grow Black Eyed Susan Flowers From Seeds

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your black eyed susan seeds.


The wildflower black-eyed Susan is probably the most popular wildflower for summer gardens. As an easy to grow biennial the black eyed susan produces a lot of showy yellow blooms that are liked by butterflies and bees.

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How To Grow Black Eyed Susan Flowers From Seeds


# 1 | Pick your planting location. Black eyed susan should be planted in the late fall, and pressed gently into the soil. Black eyed susan flowers need light to germinate.


# 2 | Keep your soil lightly moist until germination, which usually takes 2-3 weeks.


# 3 | Keep your black eyed susan seedlings lightly moist until they have developed several leaves.


# 4 | Though your black eyed susan can grow well in fairly dry soil, it will bloom best with occasional watering in dry weather. Expect your black eyed susan to begin blooming in its second year of growth. Mature plants tolerate heat and drought well.


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