How to Grow Indian Blanket Flowers From Seeds

How to Grow Indian Blanket Flowers From Seeds

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Indian blanket seeds.


The Indian Blanket flower is also known as: Firewheel Flower, Sundance Flower, & the Indian Blanketflower

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How To Grow Indian Blanket flower From Seeds


# 1 | Pick your planting location. Indian blanket flower seeds should be planted in the spring or early summer, when the soil temperature has reached at least 70 Fahrenheitdegrees fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius)


# 2 | Direct sow your Indian Blanket flower seeds in late spring, planting 1/8" below the surface of the soil and compacting it slightly. Keep the soil evenly moist and at a temperature of 70-75 degrees F until germination, which can vary widely between 20-70 days.


# 3 | Water your Indian Blanket flower seedlings until they become established. Mature indian blanket flowers tolerate drought well. Watering your Indian blanket flowers in especially dry periods will encourage more flowers, be careful not to overwater as excess moisture may result in root rot.


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