How to Grow Buck's Horn Plantain From Seed!

How to Grow Buck's Horn Plantain From Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your buck's horn plantain seeds!


Buck's Horn Plantain are a delicious year-round green, that provide a crunchy texture, and a subtle salty, nutty taste. Buck's Horn Plantain are high in Calcium and Vitamin A. This plantain is a cold-hardy Italian heirloom variety that is quick to mature. Usually ready to harvest in 55 days.


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Step by Step How to Grow Buck's Horn Plantain Seeds!


# 1 | Direct sow seeds just after the threat of frost has passed in your area.


#2 | Plant 1/4 inch deep, in evenly moist soil. Seeds should germinate in 10-15 days.


#3 | Keep the soil evenly moist at all times. Your buck's horn plantain likes slightly moist soil. Once you're plant has established, you can reduce watering slightly.


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