How to Grow Stinging Nettle From Seed!

How to Grow Stinging Nettle From Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Stinging Nettle seeds!


Stinging nettle is great for creating carbon for your compost, makes great dried animal fodder, attracts beneficial pollinators, and improves your soil. You can also make nettle tea and cream of nettle soup.


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Step by Step How to Grow Stinging Nettle From Seeds!


# 1 | Direct sow seeds onto rich, slightly moist soil just after the threat of frost has passed in your area. Do not cover the seeds, but gentle press them into the soil.


#2 | Keep your Stinging Nettle seeds moist until they germinate, which should occur in 14-21 days.


#3 | Space your nettle plants 10-12 inches apart. Water your stinging nettle regularly. Your plants should be ready to harvest in 90-100 days.


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