How to Grow Corn Salad from Seeds

How to Grow Corn Salad from Seeds

The quick and convenient guide step by step guide to growing your very own Corn Salad plants!


Corn Salad (also called Mache) is a tender salad green that grows best in cool weather. It is one of the first vegetables to sprout in the spring, which makes it a very welcome sight. Corn Salad is an annual plant that grows the best in colder weather. Corn Salad will grow just about anywhere and in any soil, but does the best in soil that is rich in compost or organic matter with a neutral soil pH.

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How to grow Corn Salad from Seed


# 1 | Corn Salad is sown in rows, so you’ll need to hollow out small trenches in moist soil about ½ inch deep. Space each trench about 8-10 inches apart.


# 2 | Sow your corn salad seeds inside each row, and cover with soil or garden mix


# 3 | Water daily in the mornings or cooler part of the day. If your corn salad seeds are in direct sunlight, it will be best to water the seeds twice a day.

# 4 | Expect your corn salad to germinate in 14 -18 days


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