How To Grow Guava Trees From Seeds

How To Grow Guava Trees From Seeds

Guava seed can be grown into guava trees in USDA zones 9a-10b outdoors or in USDA zone 8 and below in a pot that can be moved indoors.


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How to Grow Guava Tree Seeds!


# 1 | Either place your guava seeds in a cup and pour a pot of boiling water over your seeds letting them soak for 20-60 minutes, or soak the seeds in water for two weeks prior to planting.


#2 | Once the seeds have been soaked, fill a nursery pot with a high quality seed starting mix. Press one seed into the center of the pot with your finger and cover the seed.


#3 | Water the seeds with a misting spray and place the container in a warm place with temperatures around 70 F. The seeds should germinate in 4-10 weeks depending upon the temperature. In cooler climates, place the pot on a seed heating pad to help maintain a consistently warm temperature and speed up germination.


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