How To Grow Marsh Mallow From Seeds

How To Grow Marsh Mallow From Seeds

Marsh mallow is one of our favorite seeds to grow because the marsh mallow plants (Althaea officinalis) grow large bee-favorited, white flowers all summer long. The Marsh mallow plant is hardy in U.S. Agriculture Department hardiness zones 3 through 9, where Marsh mallow plants grow wild in partly shaded and cool places on the edges of marshland and on grassy banks along lakes.


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Growing Marsh Mallow From Seed In 3 Easy Steps


# 1 | Prepare your seeds for sowing by placing damp peat moss inside a plastic bag, and placing your marsh mallow seeds inside. Keep the bagged seeds in a refrigerator for four to six weeks.


# 2 | As soon as the ground can be worked, is the time to sow your marsh mallow seeds. Sow your marsh mallow in groups of four or five just below the soil surface, and space the groups of marsh mallow seeds 18 to 20 inches apart.


# 3 | Keep the soil moist until the marsh mallow seeds germinate, which may take several weeks.