How to Grow Purpletop Vervain Flowers From Seeds

How to Grow Purpletop Vervain Flowers From Seeds

The quick and convenient guide to growing your very own Purpletop Vervain Flowers!


African Daisys can tolerate a wide range of soil types, but tend to flourish best in well draining soils, not heavy loam or clay. The african daisy flowers are ½-1 inch wide flowers which close at night, in the shade and during cloud cover. They come in shades of white, orange, yellow, and apricot.

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How To Grow Purpletop Vervain From Seeds


# 1 | Prepare your planting area. Prepare a light seeding mix that is sandy, well draining soil.


# 2 | Gently press your Arnica seeds into the surface of the soil or barely cover and use your hands to firm them down, keep your seeds evenly moist. Make sure they are in a spot they will get an ample amount of sunshine.


# 3 | Seeds should germinate in 10-20 days.


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