How to Grow Red Clover From Seeds

How to Grow Red Clover From Seeds

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your red clover from seeds!


Red clover is a fast-growing, productive biennial or short perennial legume. As a legume red clover will grow 12-36" in height and has the potential to be harvested for forage up to three times in the establishment year. Known for its excellent forage value, red clover reaches its peak forage value 5-15 days after first bloom.

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How to Grow Red Clover From Seed


# 1 | Since red clover is considered a weed by some, it is relatively easy to grow as long as the conditions are right.


# 2 | Red clover likes rich, fast-draining soil and full sun to light shade. When the average temperature in your area in between 55-65 degrees, plant your clover seeds on top of moist soil and gently press seeds into the soil to compact. Keep seeds evenly moist until germination which should occur in 5-10 days.


# 3 | Once established water clover plants deeply every 5-7 days.


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