How to Grow Russian Almond Trees From Seed!

How to Grow Russian Almond Trees From Seed!

Russian almonds are a low growing shrub native to western Asia and eastern Siberia. The Russian almond is a hardy dense shrub that provides excellent habitat for wildlife and blossoms into abundant pink flowers in early spring.


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Step by Step How to Grow Your Russian Almond Trees From Seeds!


# 1 | - Soak seeds in warm water for 24-hours. followed by 60 days of warm moist stratification, followed by 120 days cold moist stratification.


# 2 | Place seed in moist sand in an area of your home were the seed can stay around 70 degrees F for 60 days.


# 3 | Place moist sand and seed in the fridge for 120 days. Check daily to ensure sand stays moist.


# 4 | Plant seeds 1 1/2 inch deep, and keep soil moist until plants are 6-8 inches tall.


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