How to Grow Apricot Trees From Seed!

How to Grow Apricot Trees From Seed!

Apricots are ideal fruit-bearing trees for difficult climates prone to late spring frosts. In early spring you can expect a beautiful explosion of fragrant, flower blooms. Soon enough the flowers will give way to an abundance of yellow-orange fruit with a sweet, mild flavor and a good texture. For the best possible fruit, we recommend that you plant apricots in an area that will receive at least 700 hours below 32 degrees F during the winter.


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Step by Step How to Grow Your Apricot Tree From Seeds!


# 1 | Place your apricot seeds into a plastic zip-lock bag and set them inside your refrigerator for 60-70 days.


# 2 | Remove the seeds from the fridge, and wrap them in a clean, damp, paper towel. Place the wrapped seeds into a plastic bag an set in an area that is bright and warm but does not receive direct sunlight. Water as needed to keep moist but not soaked, and change the paper towel if it begins to mildew.


# 3 | You will know it is time to plant your apricot seeds once you see roots emerging from the seeds. Pot the sprouting seeds. Put each seed into a 4-5 inch pot and cover with potting soil.


# 4 | Keep growing your apricot seedlings in a sunny window, under grow lights or in a greenhouse until they are big enough and it is time to transplant them out into the garden.


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