How to Grow Spacemaster Cucumbers From Seeds

How to Grow Spacemaster Cucumbers From Seeds

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your cucumber plants from seeds!


The spacemaster cucumber is a very compact bush cucumber variety that is perfect for containers or hanging baskets. The 18" high plants produce 8" long fruits that are resistant to cucumber mosaic virus. You can use the fruit for pickling when small, or for slicing as they get bigger.

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How to Grow Spacemaster Cucumbers From Seed


# 1 | Spacemaster cucumbers do not take well to transplanting, so either start them early in peat pots or plant them directly. Start your spacemaster cucumbers indoors about 2 weeks before frost, by placing 3-4 Spacemaster cucumber seeds 1/2" deep in the pot. Keep the air temperature above 80 F. Seedlings should emerge in 10-18 days.


# 2 | When your cucumber seedlings have two or three leaves on each plant, cut off all but the strongest plant in each location with a scissors. Before planting your cucumbers, "harden off" your seeds. Your seedlings should be planted no sooner than a week after the last spring frost, when the air temperatures in your area consistently above 60 F.


# 3 | Cucumbers love heat, but cannot endure even a light frost; if you area experiences cold temperatures make sure to cover your seedlings. Spacemaster cucumbers produce rather short vines, and perform well as container plants for small spaces.


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