How to Grow Watermelon Radish From Seed

How to Grow Watermelon Radish From Seed

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Watermelon radish from seeds!


Watermelon radish is an unusual and colorful heirloom from radish that could be called the Inside Out Radish. The large softball-sized globes are greenish-white on the outside, but have a bright reddish-pink heart on the inside. They have a milder flavor than most radishes. Watermelon radish seeds are ready in 55 days.

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How to Watermelon Radish From Seed


# 1 | Since watermelon radish seeds are winter radishes, they should be planted about two months before the first expected fall frost.


# 2 | Plant your watermelon radish seeds in very rich, deeply worked up soil about 1/2" deep and 1" apart; later, thin the seedlings 4-6" apart.


# 3 | Radishes do well with consistently moist soil and the addition of organic matter such as compost. Do not allow the soil to dry out, but also avoid overwatering as this can cause splitting.


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