How to Grow Spider Flowers from Seed!

How to Grow Spider Flowers from Seed!

With its tall spikes of airy foliage topped with loose, ball-shaped clusters of flowers, cleome or spider flower deserves a place in any flower garden! Its height and airy look makes a great center focus or background to flower beds or borders. The flowers come in pink (rose), purple, and white, and are very attractive to pollinators, including butterflies, hummingbird moths, and hummingbirds. Spider flowers grow quickly, and are self supporting. Flowers from summer to frost.


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How to Grow Cleomes Seeds!


# 1 | The seeds need light to germinate, so you can just sprinkle them in the garden after the danger of frost is past. Cleomes prefer full sun, and do well in average, well draining garden soil.


#2 | Keep the soil moist but not soggy


#3 | Look for seedlings after 10 days.


#4 | Alternatively, sow them in the autumn, and they will germinate when conditions are just right in your the following growing season.


#5 | If you do allow the plants to self-seed, thin the newly emerging seedlings to allow at least 18 inches between plants. This improves the vigor of individual plants, encouraging the most blossoms from each plant. If you want to limit cleome’s self-seeding habit, spend time each week plucking the long seed pods that form under the flowers throughout the season.


#6| Once started, the plant seems to take care of itself. What is more, the upright stalks need no staking. This plant shrugs off pests and diseases.


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