Planting Your Sweet Potato Vines From Cuttings

Planting Your Sweet Potato Vines From Cuttings

The quick and convenient guide to growing your sweet potato vines!


Growing Sweet Potato Vines

Sweet potato vines make a beautiful ornamental addition to your home or garden, and never go out of style. They are easy to grow from cuttings, but there are a few key steps to your success. Sweet potato vines are such an easy plant, they can grow in soil or water. You can even make your sweet potato vines a houseplant!


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Getting Started With Your Sweet Potato Vines!


When you receive your sweet potato vines they will have been treated with rooting hormone, carefully trimmed for best results during shipment, and starting and ready for you to grow! Once you've received your cuttings, place them in water as soon as they arrive. Often times the plants will have wilted, and show signs of stress when you receive them. That is ok! These are hardy plants that will bounce back with a little TLC.


Growing Sweet Potato Vines In 3 Steps


#1 Place your new cuttings into a glass jar. Make sure none of the leaves are submerged into the water. You'll also want to change the water daily to keep your sweet potato vines stems fresh.


#2 After 7-10 days you’ll see white roots start to form at the bottom of your cuttings. Some of your sweet potato vine cuttings will probably grow much faster than others, thats ok.


#3 When the roots are at least 3″ long, you can decide if you want to plant your vines in soil or continue growing them in jars. This is totally up to you. If you're planting your vines outside, just make sure you slowly adjust them to the sun over 10-15 days. Start with 30 minutes of exposure and slowly work up to a full day before planting.

Sweet Potato Vine Cuttings Ready For Shipment

Sweet Potato Vine Cuttings


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